Azure AD – Working across tenants using PowerShell

Azure AD – Working across tenants using PowerShell

Working across various tenants programmatically in Azure AD could be relatively complex. Before even writing a script to do such operations, one must be very clear about a few concepts about Azure AD. Azure AD application and service principal. An Azure AD application is defined by its one and only application object which resides in

Dynamic SQL Merge statement builder through C#

Generating a merge statement dynamically can be a tedious job. This code help you create a SQL merge statement through C# dynamically at run-time.



How to move messages from dead-letter queue to its associated queue (Sequentially)

How to move pending code changes from one branch to another in TFS.

Pre-requisites:- Make sure you’ve TFS power tools installed in your system. If not, you may download it from below links according to your TFS version TFS 2013 TFS 2010 Scenario:- Ever wondered how to move your pending code changes from one branch to another without manually replicating the changes? Let’s say you have a team

How to prevent accidental double clicks using Javascript

How to grant admin access in Visual Studio Online

Sign in to Visual Studio Online ( as the account owner. On dashboard, select the appropriate team project as highlighted in the screenshot below On team project dashboard, click on settings icon located at the top right bar. Click on Default collection. Navigate to Security tab and click on Users link followed by Member of

Cannot close stream until all bytes are written – C#

This error is raised when the position of stream or memory stream object is set at the end of stream. To resolve the issue either you can set the position to “o” as shown below.

If this doesn’t work, you can re-create the memory stream as shown below

How to create remote site settings through apex.

Step 1: Create a new class for Metadata Service, and copy the contents of attached Metadata Service file. MetadataService Step 2: Add the following endpoints to your remote site settings, It is required to callout the web service. Note:- Change sub domains of the endpoints according to your org. Step 3: Create a visual